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The procedure for filling an application to State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Punjab for all the category 'B' project as per schedule of EIA notification no.1533 (E) dtd.14.9.2006 is as under:-
1.   The application / all other correspondence should be addressed to Member Secretary, State Level
    Environment Impact Assessment Authority.
2.  The application shall be made in the prescribed form-1 and supplementary form IA (if applicable) as given
    in appendix II with the said notification.
3.   After the identification of prospective site (8) for the project and/or  activities to which the application relates,
    before commencing any construction activities, or preparation of land, at the site by the applicant,
4.  The applicant shall furnish, along with the application, a copy of the pre-feasibility project report except that, in
   case of construction projects or activities (item 8 of the Schedule) in addition to form-1 and the supplementary
   form-1A, a copy of the conceptual plan shall be provided, instead of the pre-feasibility report.
5.   The authorized signatory of the project proponent should properly and adequately sign the application and give
    its full correspondence address, e-mail and telephone No. in its application.
6.  The applicant shall submit 15 sets of the application complete in all respect as above to the Member Secretary,
   State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority in the office of Punjab Pollution Control Board, Nabha
   Road, Patiala.